Our Teams

Our Teams

Mukund A. Parekh

Mr. Mukund A. Parekh started his career as real estate consultant in 1980.

Mr Parekh a patriarch and the light he is the one who everyone looks up to for guidance and his valuable feedback, he learned the tricks and trades of this business all by himself and started on his journey of building a dream. A dream which today is called Mukund Realty.

Through his vision and dedication he decided to address the issues of the real estate community in Mumbai.Mukund Parekh is privileged to be the Founder Member of Area Group.He is also a distinguished member of NAR (National Association of Realtors) Group and Estate Agent Associations of India.

Foreword by Mr. Mukund A. Parekh:

“At Mukund Realty, we believe firmly in building successful relationships. Our clients have high expectations, because we deliver results. We are prepared and able to adapt to current business and local market conditions. Confidence is key in any real estate relationship, and we provide our clients with a certainty of trust“, says Mukund Parekh.

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Darshan M. Parekh

Darshan Parekh: “He is full of innovative ideas and new age knowledge. His practical thinking helps the clients to feel connected and secure. He says, “In ever growing & ever needed real estate market, it seems that this market demands professionalism with personal touch & assurance of the money. We are endeavoring to give our best professional services with personal touch & we promise a safe and a secure experience.”